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We want to thank YOU as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary in solar this month!


 This month marks our 40th Anniversary!

Gary Gerber, proud founder

Gary Gerber, proud founder

We all want to express our sincere gratitude to you, our vendors, clients, employees and family who have supported us along the way.

It occurs to me that starting a solar company in 1976 and remaining in the solar design and installation business for 40 straight years may well be a feat unmatched by any solar company in the state. Others may have dabbled in solar in the early years, or bowed out during the tough times and returned later, but Sun Light & Power was founded as a solar design and installation company from day one and we […]

Great news about NEM and the ITC!

A few thoughts from Gary Gerber

Good news #1:  The long-awaited NEM Preliminary Decision (PD) came out from the CPUC yesterday.  Short story: the results were EXCELLENT!

A  little background: this all stems from AB327, which was passed at the state legislature a little over 2 years ago, authored by Henry Perea, one of the so-called Mod Dems (“moderate democrats”), the guy who was in the news recently because he retired and is probably going immediately to work for PG&E for big bucks.  AB327 was shepherded through the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce by Stephen Bradford, another Mod Dem, who came from SOCal Edison,  (i.e. another utility lackey).  AB327 required the re-evaluation by the CPUC of Net Metering and has been consuming the solar community for the past 2 years, costing us huge amounts of time and money to defend NEM.  AB327 is why CALSEIA hired Brad Heavner, and it is why you have been hearing for a while that  NEM is […]

Please act immediately! At PG&E’s Behest, the CPUC is Poised to Scale Back the A-6 Tariff, the Last Standing “Solar Friendly” Rate for Businesses and Schools in California.

These changes will greatly diminish the solar savings currently available to small and medium sized businesses, municipal buildings, and especially schools. Act immediately!

Just a few short weeks ago the CPUC came out with a proposed decision (PD) based on PG&E’s request to severely limit the applicability of the extremely popular “solar friendly” A-6 tariff.  Unfortunately, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Douglas Long appears to have agreed with PG&E on most of their assertions and has largely ignored the arguments of the solar industry. The result: if the PD is approved by the Commission on July 23, the A-6 rate will no longer be available to customers with electricity demand from 75 to 500 kW.  Effective IMMEDIATELY.  Thereafter, only new customers with under 75 kW of demand will be allowed to apply for the A-6 rate, and to make matters worse, PG&E has set their sights on further reducing that number to 20 kW in […]

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