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For nearly four decades as a California solar contractor, Sun Light & Power has cultivated the depth of knowledge and professional talent to serve a broad range of commercial and nonprofit clients, encompassing new construction and retrofit projects for office and industrial sites, multifamily housing, food service businesses, schools, places of worship, nonprofit organizations, utilities,  government buildings and more.

Our commitment to excellence ensures expert engineering and installation of every solar electric and solar water heating system we design and install, with accurate cost estimates and projected energy savings clearly documented in advance. Whatever your solar energy needs, you can trust that Sun Light & Power is focused on delivering each project on time and on budget. Check out our many solutions to see what Sun Light & Power can do for you.


  • Earn a solid return on investment (ROI)
  • Protect against volatile utility costs
  • Receive Federal Investment Tax Credits, state rebates and municipal incentives
  • Be more environmentally responsible
  • Be a leader in green business
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Make your electrical system more reliable
  • Power your EV fleet with green solar energy


About Solar Electric Power

Solar electric modules convert sunlight into electricity through a system that uses almost no moving parts and produces no air pollution.


Sun Light & Power has designed and installed hundreds of solar energy systems, addressing the energy needs of businesses, contractors, homeowners and architects. By taking advantage of both “tiered” and “time-of-use” utility rate schedules, a well-designed solar electric system has the potential scale back your electricity costs to zero while generating only 70 to 80 percent of the electricity you actually use. Here’s how:

Tiered Rate Plans

Most utilities bill their customers on “tiered” rate plans. Every month begins with a baseline allocation of relatively low-cost power. As you consume more electricity during the month, the rates increase. A kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed at the end of a given month can cost more than three times as much as the first kWh consumed that month. When you install a solar electric system and reduce your consumption of grid power, the cost savings accrue beginning with the most expensive price tier – so a relatively small solar electric system can generate disproportionately large savings on your electric bill.

Time-of-Use Rate Plans

Many utilities also offer “time-of-use” (TOU) rate plans, with higher rates charged for electricity consumed during periods of peak demand. TOU pricing is particularly beneficial when combined with solar electric systems, because the highest electric rates typically apply on summer afternoons when solar panels generate the most electricity. If your system generates more power then you consume during peak hours, the excess power will flow back to the grid and the utility effectively buys the electricity from you at the peak period rate. During night and evening hours, electricity that you buy from the grid will be priced at the lower off-peak rate.

Learn more about rebates and interconnection.

Solar Modules

Solar electric modules – also known as photovoltaics, or PV – are made from special silicon cells that produce direct current (DC) electric power when exposed to sunlight. They can be installed on the roof, ground, carport or any other adjacent structure.

Power Inverter

The DC power created by PV modules flows to an inverter that converts DC current into alternating current (AC) to power electrical outlets, lighting, HVAC equipment, etc .

Electric Meter & Service Panel

The AC power flows from the inverter to the main electrical service panel for distribution to the building’s electric system. Your existing electric utility service remains in effect, and your power meter continues to measure consumption, allowing you to draw power from the grid whenever your PV modules are producing less power than you need.

Selling Back to the Grid

Any time the solar electric modules are producing more electricity than you are currently using, the excess power automatically flows from your system back into the public utility grid. Your electric meter is able to measure how much excess power your system generates, and under the terms of an “interconnection agreement” (also known as “net metering”) between you and your power company, the utility is obliged to credit your account for the excess power your system generates, up to the amount that you actually use in a given year.

About Solar Water Heating

A well-designed and well-maintained solar water heater can last indefinitely, delivering many years of free, clean, renewable energy.

In California, the vast majority of hot water is heated by natural gas, a significant greenhouse gas pollutant. Sun Light & Power is committed to helping you break your addiction to carbon. That is why, since 1976, we have continued to design, install, and service solar water heating systems that can deliver as much as 70 to 80 percent of your hot water needs.

Return on Investment

There has never been a better time for Californians to invest in solar water heating. With the 30 percent Federal Energy Investment Tax Credit, MACRS accelerated depreciation (for renewable energy systems), and the new California Solar Initiative-Thermal rebate (CSI-T), your up-front cost will be a fraction of the system’s true value.

If you take advantage of one of our financing options, we can show you how the cash flow from energy savings will immediately exceed net payments on the system, making it cash-flow positive from day one. And if you purchase the system outright, the substantial return on investment may surprise you.

With its long lifespan and everyday utility, a quality Sun Light & Power solar hot water system will pay for itself many times over – and increase your property value.


Unlike solar electric power, solar water heating involves mechanical systems that require periodic maintenance. Properly maintained, however, a well-built solar water heater can provide decades of reliable service. In fact, there are solar water heaters in California that are still working a century after their installation. With nearly 40 years of experience behind us, we know how to design and build top-quality solar water heating systems for a broad range of applications, each one built to last.

Periodic Maintenance

Our unique Solar Water Heating Service Agreement provides annual preventative maintenance checks to ensure that your system is always working at peak efficiency. With minimal periodic maintenance covered by our service plan, a Sun Light & Power solar water heater can be expected to provide a low-cost source of hot water into the indefinite future.

Reduced Workload on Conventional Systems

In most applications, solar water heating works in conjunction with conventional gas or electric heaters to assure an around-the-clock supply of water heated to the desired temperature. Solar heating will reduce the load on your existing water heating equipment, not only reducing your energy costs, but also increasing the reliability and capacity of your entire hot water system.