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Gary Gerber’s thoughts to the SLP team on our 38th Birthday!

It was 38 years ago today that our Sun Light & Power incorporation papers were approved by the Secretary of State of California.  We had actually been doing business for several months before that date, perhaps even in 1975, but August 6, 1976 is the earliest “official” date that we have yet identified so we use it.

I don’t remember having any kind of special celebration at the time; in fact, we probably didn’t even get the form notifying us of our successful incorporation for a week or two after the actual date.  Odd, since corporations are people, that we didn’t get a proper birth certificate!  There is no footprint on the form like I have on my own birth certificate.  There’s no birth weight or length either, or mother’s maiden name.

Still, we did come into existence as a business entity with that stroke of a pen.  Obviously, I don’t actually believe that a corporation is a person, nor do I believe that a corporation should have the rights of human beings. […]