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Our Mission

The Mission of Sun Light & Power is to create a living environment that serves people’s intrinsic needs, supports the human spirit and preserves the planet’s resources for future generations.

Sun Light & Power is committed to making a positive difference in the world by providing exceptional service, products, and expertise in solar energy to our customers. We stand as an example of the great business practices that support our team members and the community that we live in.  In 1976, when engineer and solar pioneer Gary Gerber founded Sun Light & Power, not many people knew about solar energy. Since then he has helped assemble one of the solar industry’s most talented teams. They bring to each project unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions, energy-efficient solar technologies and outstanding customer service, making us one of the best solar power companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our guiding principals:

  • Safety is our first priority.
  • We strive to build a collaborative work community.
  • We always act with integrity.
  • We deliver unmatched quality.
  • We practice sustainability: live and work green.

We are proud to be a certified green business!

  • We have clearly labeled compost, recycling, and waste bins in every office.
  • We have a recycling zone in our WH for aluminum, copper, and wire.
  • We donate/recycle broken inverters/modules.
  • We have a mixed-recycling dumpster for general construction & office recycling.
  • We have low-flow toilets.
  • We use certified green cleaning products which we buy from a certified Bcorp company.
  • We strive to use certified green/recycled materials for office improvements (paint, carpeting, etc).
  • We strive to use energy efficient heating/ac.
  • We strive to re-use office furniture and buy supplies from vendors who sell used equipment.

Sun Light & Power solar energy company Certified Green BusinessSee our sustainability report here.

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We Are Sun Light & Power!

Sun Light & Power team members have backgrounds in science, history, liberal arts, trade schools, business schools, finance, real estate, engineering and the school of hard knocks. We are also a group of passionate people with diverse interests. We are volunteers and activists. We care about the impact we have on the natural environment. We compost, reduce and recycle. We make carbon-reducing diet and shopping decisions. We bike to work and use public transportation whenever possible. When we need to drive, we are bio-fuel enthusiasts and electric car drivers. We are animal lovers, rock climbers, snowboarders, bike campers and skiers. We fly planes, hike mountains, run triathlons, teach yoga, swim the Bay, track wildlife and travel the world. We are devoted parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who love our families, and we tend think of our coworkers family too. We are the power behind Sun Light & Power.

  • Rescue volunteer Blake Gleason Sun Light & Power Berkeley California
    We Save Lives

    Blake is an Operation Leader, is on the Board of Directors, and is the chair of the Technical Standards Committee. Blake has also done volunteer work with the Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit and the National Park Service in Alaska’s Denali National Park, where he completed two month-long mountain rescue patrols on the Ruth Glacier and on Denali itself.

  • Our Team Dances Sun Light & Power Berkeley California
    We Dance
  • Sun Light & Power Employees Surf
    We Surf
  • Sun Light & Power team member rescue unit
    We Climb
  • We Hike Moutains Sun Light & Power Berkeley California
    We Hike
  • We Record


  • We Watch


  • Sun Light& Power team member on volunteer rescue project
    We Camp
  • Employee plays with Lava Sun Light & Power Berkeley California
    We Play

    With Lava

  • Our Team We Parade Gary Gerber Sun Light & Power Berkeley California
    We Parade