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ODC goes solar through crowd-lending campaign

Solar Electricity

  • PV System Size: 40.227 kWp
  • System Equipment: 140 Canadian Solar
  • Estimated Annual Co2 Reduction: 528 tons
  • Product Category: Solar PV

Oberlin Dance Collective (ODC)
ODC is a groundbreaking contemporary arts institution with longstanding roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Choreographer Brenda Way founded ODC in 1971 as a collective of artists at Oberlin College. Now it is one of the most active centers for dance on the West Coast. The two-building campus in San Francisco’s Mission District features eight studios, two performance venues and several office suites. It is home to a world-class dance company, a professional, pre-professional, and recreational dance training program, a Healthy Dancer’s Clinic and a nationally acclaimed performance space. For 40 years, ODC’s San Francisco-based programs and neighborhood activities have contributed to community development, stability and access to creative expression.

Through a new crowd-lending campaign with CollectiveSun®, ODC has raised nearly $200,000 from their community for a solar power system.  The community investors will be repaid at a 4.8% interest rate over 10 years.  ODC is expected to save over $300,000 over the life of the system. This system will offset more than 578 tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the energy contained in 7 tanker trucks full of gasoline or taking 111 cars off the road.

The Project
With two buildings to power (351 Shotwell Street and 3153 17th Street in San Francisco), ODC plans to use solar power to reduce escalating energy costs for their office, classrooms and performance spaces. ODC has partnered with CollectiveSun, a solar energy finance specialist focusing on nonprofits, to make ODC’s project a reality through investments that tap into the beneficial rebates available in San Francisco along with significant tax benefits that otherwise would not be available to ODC.

Since Sun Light & Power is committed to making a positive difference in the world, we were delighted to see them selected by Oberlin Dance Collective for their project in San Francisco’s Mission District. Sun Light & Power has gone above and beyond to make this project a success.

Lee Barken, CollectiveSun® Chief Community Officer