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Polymeric Technology Inc.


San Leandro, California



This commercial solar pv installation in San Leandro, California was a great upgrade to an industrial manufacturing site with a huge appetite for power and savings. The 3-phase process took much coordination of re-roofing and removal of large equipment and structures from roof areas.  The build timeline was incredibly tight, as the customer was seeking completion for tax credit in 3.5 months from the date the contract was signed. Sun Light & Power designed and substantially constructed the system in coordination with a full re-roof of the facility in less than four months.

This solar design features Panel Claw Polar Bear III HD racking (ballasted), SMA Tripower inverters on Ready-Racks (ballast mount), an SMA cluster controller and a 750kVA transformer.

  • System size = 865,00 W
  • Annual kW production = 1,345,916

Greenhouse gas equivalent = 946 Metric Tons, equivalent to:

  • 2,266,943 miles driven by an average car.
  •  2,190 barrels of oil consumed.
  • 7.5 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year.