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San Francisco SPCA




Roof Mount

The  San Francisco SPCA is a very large project with unusual gypsum roof with steel structural members, difficult conduit routing, and interconnection wiring. The client was also sensitive about shutdowns because it’s a working animal hospital. We worked with a structural engineer to design an attachment using custom base flanges and Tek screws to avoid welding, which would have been cost-prohibitive. The conduit route was carefully planned in advance by the foreperson, and the interconnection wiring was planned in conjunction with the conduit routing so that the wires could be landed in an efficient and safe manner. We had Hollender create a unique base flange for this project with extra drill holes to allow flexibility in screw placement.

“The SFSPCA project was challenging from several points of view, from the structural connection on the roof to the electrical interconnection. I’m proud that after over a year of planning and preparation, the PV is going strong and has made the SFSPCA not just an animal shelter and a hospital, but a power plant, too.

Ben Bachelder, Senior Project Engineer – Sun Light & Power


“The San Francisco SPCA strives to be socially responsible in all business practices, and we chose to install solar panels to help decrease our carbon footprint. We were impressed with the high quality of work provided by Sun Light & Power; they strived to make the project simple and successful.


SPCA San Francisco Commercial Solar Installation


  • System size = 585,585 W
  • Annual kW production =
  • kWh production = 910,312

Greenhouse gas equivalent = 640 Metric Tons, equivalent to:

  • 1,533,249 miles driven by an average car.
  •  1,481 barrels of oil consumed
  •  5.1 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year.

Financial Benefits

“This solar system is designed to last for at least 25 years, which will help the San Francisco SPCA, their
supporters and their furry tenants save on their energy bills while providing a more sustainable future
for our community and our planet.

Eric Nyman, Director of Sales and Marketing – Sun Light & Power