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Service With Rapid Response

We provide comprehensive solutions covering all phases of project development, financing and construction.

Sun Light & Power  not only offers solar installation, but provides design solutions, solar financing, rebate specialists, permitting assistance, service and maintenance. No matter where you are in the process, we can help.

We serve a broad range of customers in the commercial, residential, nonprofit and public sectors, with projects ranging from modest solar electric systems for individual homeowners to large commercial applications that combine solar electricity (photovoltaics) with solar water heating. We are committed to providing quality service and a personal touch at every stage of your project, from thoughtful design and superior engineering to smart financing, quality installation, long-term maintenance and repairs. We will repair any system, whether or not we installed it.

At Sun Light & Power, we continue to hold our place as the most trusted name in California solar energy by providing the highest value possible in terms of solar system efficiency, cost-to-benefit ratio and customer satisfaction. We are the solar experts. 


We Do the Job Right the First Time

Sun Light & Power works to provide simple and economical solutions for our customers covering all phases of project development and implementation, from the initial evaluation and design process to financing, installation and maintenance. This turnkey approach assures that the job will be done right the first time, with one point of contact for our clients from start to finish.

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Project Evaluation

Every project begins with a thorough evaluation of the site where the system will be installed, including technical and structural aspects that will help us determine the best solar options for your facility. We also gather data about your current and projected energy usage so we can recommend a system that best suits your needs and budget.

Sun Light & Power solar financing company

We offer a number of financing options that don't require a major investment of capital up front, including long-term lease agreements and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which allow you to purchase electricity from a third-party investor who pays to install a system at your site.

SLP has recently acquired a significant stake in SolEd Benefit Corporation., a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provider and energy finance firm. Together, we provide practical and affordable energy solutions to schools, municipalities and public service organizations.

Our finance experts will help you determine the best fit for your particular needs.

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Rebates & Interconnection

Accurate budgeting for solar installations requires a deep understanding of government rebates, tax credits and utility interconnection agreements that can make solar energy much more affordable for businesses and homeowners alike. Our on-site experts will help you understand the available options and walk you through the paperwork so you can take full advantage of government and utility incentive programs.

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Design & Engineering

Sun Light & Power partners with architects, general contractors and developers for both new construction and retrofit projects. We can work with you on multiple levels:
• Consulting on all aspects of solar power projects, including structural, electrical and mechanical
• Feasibility studies for early-stage projects
• Complete system design and installation

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Our procurement team works closely with our engineering and field teams to ensure that the right products get to every site on time and on budget.

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Sun Light & Power's Technical Services department is solely focused on dealing with construction permits and local building codes. In addition to the permitting process, our staff will coordinate and attend inspections as needed.

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Installation & Construction

With decades of experience, our project managers and field crews know how to deliver quality work, and are consistently winning accolades from our customers for building solar power systems that are unmatched in the industry.

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Operations & Maintenance

Our team is available for emergency calls on any system, whether or not we installed it.

We offer various service options for both Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric maintenance and repairs. These services include emergency repairs, a basic service package with annual checks and a full-service contract, providing around the clock performance data feeds and ongoing maintenance.

See more details further below or call us to schedule an appointment today at at 800.233.4SUN (4786) or 510.845.2997.

Taking the First Step: Project Evaluation

Sun Light & Power is focused on projecting reliable costs and timelines to best evaluate the potential return on investment for every one of our prospective customers. Our goal during the evaluation process is to assess the feasibility of building and financing an effective solar installation based on your energy needs and on the particular characteristics of your site.

We begin by engaging in open conversations with our prospective clients in order to understand their goals and expectations for the project. Our team of experienced professional engineers and designers then assesses the location, structural considerations and technical requirements to establish site-specific parameters regarding system size, capacity and cost of installation. The assessment takes into account current and projected energy needs, specific challenges related to the site, estimated energy generation and cost savings, logistics, risk management and potential return on investment.

Based on this analysis, we can suggest what services our team can provide to hit your targets, including appropriate technologies, system capacity and financing options.

Talk to the Solar Energy Financing Experts

Given the confusing array of solar energy rebates, tax incentives and financing options, assessing the long-term financial feasibility of any solar project requires a high level of expertise and a deep understanding of how financing and incentives may be structured for homeowners, commercial sites and nonprofit or public-sector entities. Our solar energy finance experts will help you understand your options, including the 30 percent federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation available to for-profit entities. For customers that are not eligible to take the tax credit, we can bring in a third-party financing partner who will take the tax credit and pass the benefit along to your organization. We’ll also guide you through the process of deciding if you’re better off making on- or off-balance-sheet financing payments.

Solar financing options we can help you with include:


  • Available for solar electricity and solar hot water installations
  • Ideal for commercial customers that can take full advantage of tax benefits
  • Tax benefits stay with you
  • Zero initial investment
  • Fixed monthly payments to the lessor
  • Term can vary from 1-7 years and you own system at end of term
  • Considered on-balance-sheet
  • Interest generally considered tax-deductible

  • Ideal for commercial customers that can’t take full advantage of tax benefits
  • Third party owns system and receives tax benefits
  • Zero initial investment
  • Fixed monthly payments to third-party owner
  • Term is generally 7-10 years and concludes with you purchasing the system
  • Generally considered off-balance-sheet

  • Ideal for a nonprofit or for-profit customer looking for long-term stability in energy costs
  • Tax benefits stay with you as long as you own the property
  • Eligibility is based on  property value
  • Zero initial investment
  • Loan repayment is accomplished via a special property tax assessment that automatically transfers to the new owner if you sell the property
  • Savings and payments can be passed to tenant in a triple-net-lease
  • Extended length of term (10-20 years) typically allows for positive cash flow from day one
  • Interest generally considered tax-deductible

  • Available for solar electric installations only
  • Ideal for a nonprofit or government customer that is not eligible for tax benefits
  • Third party owns and maintains the system and receives tax benefits
  • Zero initial investment
  • Monthly payment to third party at an agreed-upon rate for energy used
  • PPA rate is less than current utility rates, resulting in positive cash flow from day one
  • Term is typically 15-20 years, with opportunity to purchase at specific points during term
  • Considered off-balance-sheet

  • Ideal for entities that have capital to invest but are unable to use the tax benefits
  • Third party owns system and receives tax benefits
  • Upfront investment
  • No ongoing payments
  • 15 to 20 percent reduction in total investment amount from cash purchase price

  • Ideal for a nonprofit customer with strong community involvement
  • Leverages the power of the crowd to raise capital as an investment opportunity
  • Crowd investors are repaid over term with interest
  • PPA structure is similar to traditional PPA

Let Our Rebate and Interconnection Experts Work with the Utilities for You

Rebates and interconnection agreements (which allow you to sell excess solar power back to your power company) are an integral part of the solar installation process for your home or business. Navigating the multitude of forms, regulation language, acronyms, and deadlines is a daunting task that our full-time, highly experienced Rebate and Interconnection team takes head-on to make the processes nearly transparent for our customers.

This service is comprised of two key components. First, we coordinate with your utility company to expedite interconnection and to obtain official permission to operate. The second important component of our service involves daily cooperation with private and governmental entities – such as the California Solar Initiative (CSI), the New Solar Homes Program (NSHP) and a variety of municipal utilities – to ensure a smooth process, achieving the highest possible rebates as quickly as possible.

We are also able to assist our affordable housing customers with the California Solar Initiative’s Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program. Building owners can install solar electric systems to offset energy used in their buildings’ common areas, and receive higher rebates for the energy they share with tenants. Read more about programs actively participating in both the solar electric and solar hot water rebate programs such as MASH, NSHP,  and CSI-Thermal.

Information about municipal rebate programs for:

Net Energy Metering (NEM)

NEM allows a customer to receive an energy credit on their utility bill for power generated by their onsite system and fed back to the utility. The credit is used to offset the customer’s electric bill.

Virtual Net Metering (VNM)

VNM enables a multifamily housing owner to allocate a solar system’s benefits to tenants across multiple units. The system owner can allocate bill credits of a percentage of the solar generation between common load areas and tenants along a single service delivery point.

Meter Aggregation

Meter aggregation enables a single solar panel system to offset multiple meters/service delivery points, located on contiguous properties.