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Help set the Climate example this Monday

Friday, January 27th, 2017

The Bay Area wants emission caps enforced on five refineries. You can help this Monday!

Please go to the Air District’s Stationary Source Committee meeting on Monday, January 30 at 9am in San Francisco.

Image from the Sierra Club.

Image from the Sierra Club.

According to +350 Bay Area, “The oil refineries in the Bay Area are moving towards refining dirtier, more dangerous crudes such as tar sands and fracked oil. Additionally many of them are proposing massive expansion projects in order to refine dirtier crudes and to be able to ramp up crude-by-rail. If we can get these emission caps passed, we could stop these expansion projects which are taking us in the opposite direction that we need to be moving in which is towards a clean energy future.”

350 Bay Area is committed to building a grassroots climate movement towards reducing carbon pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Check out their site to get involved this Monday!