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Managing Health Care Energy Costs with Solar

Running a medical office, hospital, clinic or health care facility here in Northern California comes with a lot of utility considerations as an energy-intensive industry. In fact, health care facilities were responsible for 8% of the total energy consumed in the US in the year 2012, and those energy costs rose by over 50% between 2003 and 2008. These expenditures that make up the infrastructure of our health care system are exactly why solar energy is on the rise among medical offices and properties here in California!

Sun Light & Power is a leader in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a full service solar design and installation contractor serving the needs of health care providers. From evaluating your property for solar panel installation to making sure your organization can reap the full benefits of the available tax incentives and rebates, Sun Light & Power has the expertise you need for decades of energy savings.

Federal Solar Tax Credit: Cash in before it’s gone!

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) currently offers a tax deduction equal to 30% of the total cost of a commercial solar installation. You may also qualify for accelerated federal MARCS and state depreciation credits, shortening your cost recovery and speeding up your return on your solar investment. Not to mention, all of your solar system installation costs are also exempt from property tax increases.

But you need to act soon, because 2019 is the final year to receive the maximum 30% solar tax credit deduction. Any solar installations that are completed after 2019 will qualify for a reduced deduction, until the year 2022 when the deduction rate will level out at 10%.

How to reduce your medical facility expenses with a solar PV or solar thermal system

  • Offset up to 60% of any costs related to producing hot water with a solar hot water system.
  • Reduce the volatility of your energy costs, by reducing your use of grid-supplied electricity.
  • Invest in decades of energy savings and increase your ROI with solar PV system designed to last, and maintained by a team of solar experts.

Commercial Solar Energy Shows Community Leadership

Your community wants to support a business that shares their values. Installing solar panels on your hospital, doctors office, or health care facility improves patient care, shows a commitment to the environment and public health, while reducing carbon emissions. Plus, a solar array will aid in your compliance with California’s Title 24 benchmarks, provide LEED credits, and help with your GreenPoint® rating!

How Much Does Solar Cost?

At Sun Light & Power, designing a custom solar PV system begins with an in depth solar analysis, to determine the size and cost of your solar PV or solar thermal system. This analysis is an online evaluation of your property, then we will analyze your medical facility’s utility bills and provide you an estimate of your long-term energy savings. When you are satisfied with our initial plans and want to learn more, we’ll come out to perform a free site inspection and follow up with a custom design proposal.

Partner with Northern California’s Leading Solar Experts

Sun Light & Power has established lasting relationships with cutting-edge hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and senior residential communities throughout Northern and Southern California. Our solar consultants are highly skilled at designing systems that maximize power generation while minimizing installation cost, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Sun Light & Power will also maintain and repair all systems, and will even help you identify and qualify for any available incentives and rebates from federal and state programs, local municipalities and manufacturers. Getting started is easy, and you can trust our solar experts from start to finish!

Take control of your medical facility’s energy management when you invest in renewable solar energy! Schedule your free solar analysis today, or call us at 800.233.4786 to get started!

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