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  • SPCA animal hospital commercial solar installation San Francisco California


Sun Light & Power understands mission-driven businesses – because we are one!

We are a mission-driven company and a California Benefit Corporation with a long history of serving the nonprofit entities within our Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area community. As a Certified Benefit Corporation, we have been dedicated to social good and to the nonprofit entities since long before the Benefit Corporation designation became an option in California. We have extensive experience hiring workforce development programs in the Bay Area and beyond, and we are proud of the many permanent employees we have brought into our team through such programs.

Just like for-profit entities, nonprofit organizations can benefit from commercial solar panels in a number of ways, including reducing current operating expenses, creating certainty around future energy costs, enhancing your mission and setting an example in your community.

  • We can help your non-profit access clean and affordable solar energy.
  • We work within your organization’s budget.
  • We provide expert assistance with available subsidies and financing options so you don’t have to navigate through the maze of details.
  • We help find the right path for your particular non-profit for financing, crowd-funding, and tax incentives.

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“The San Francisco SPCA strives to be socially responsible in all business practices, and we chose to install solar panels to help decrease our carbon footprint. We were impressed with the high quality of work provided by Sun Light & Power; they strived to make the project simple and successful.



The David Brower Center in Berkeley, California was awarded ‘Best New Green Building’ by the San Francisco Business Times, March, 2010.

“The building embodies both environmental and social justice.”
-Suzanne Brown, Project Manager of Equity Community Builders

Crowdfunding for nonprofits removes obstacles to affording solar

For small to medium-sized nonprofits, finding ways to monetize renewable energy tax incentives (which are normally available only to for-profit entities) and raising funds to cover installation costs are the typically the greatest obstacles to adopting solar power.

  • We can remove your financial obstacles through crowdfunding resources.
  • We can advise you on how to engage your community.
  • We provide a complimentary site assessment and work with you to determine the optimal solar design.
  • We bring in our crowdfunding partners and resources. Members of the community are able to invest in the commercial solar project with
    attractive and steady rates of return.
  • Once the entire investment amount has been reached, we build the project.
  • A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is entered and you start saving money on the electricity bill from day one.

To this end, we have worked with ODC in San Francisco and several other nonprofits to help them raise funds to invest in commercial solar panels. See more about the Oberlin Dance Collective crowdfunding project.

“Since Sun Light & Power is committed to making a positive difference in the world, we were delighted to see them selected by Oberlin Dance Collective for their project in San Francisco’s Mission District. Sun Light & Power has gone above and beyond to make this project a success.

-Lee Barken, CollectiveSun® Chief Community Officer