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Restaurants & Food Services

Restaurants have a huge appetite for energy consumptions.

Restaurants and food facilities are known to use high volumes of hot water for not only cooking but cleaning. In fact, restaurants and other food service venues consume energy at more than twice the rate of other commercial businesses, according to the Energy Star Guide for Restaurants. This high energy usage makes solar hot water and solar PV systems an asset to your food service business.

This water usage only increases when restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. A beneficial, cost-saving strategy is to use solar hot water.

  • We can provide most or all of the hot water needed for your commercial applications with a full-sized solar hot water system.
  • Solar water heating systems usually cost more to purchase and install than conventional water heating systems. However, a solar water heater will usually save businesses money in the long run.
  • We can reduce your energy-related expenses.
  • We can give pride to your employees and customers.

There are only a few solar water heater companies. Sun Light & Power has unrivaled experience and expertise in the design and installation of solar hot water heating systems throughout the San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose and Los Angeles Areas.

  • We have engineered and installed over 270 solar hot water and radiant heat systems in Northern and Southern California, comprising of more than 3,900 collectors.
  • Our solar thermal engineers have even designed a 21-collector system in Seattle.
  • We are skilled in the design in order to provide solar hot water and solar PV system with aesthetics that add to the dining customer’s first impression and overall experience.

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“Roofs are a valuable resource and should be considered as an asset that shouldn’t be wasted on low-performance equipment. Because of the energy intensity of refrigeration and processing, the biggest challenge of going solar is making a significant impact on the energy usage.

Martin Morehouse – Sun Light & Power ST engineer and estimator


“The building’s energy requirements include lighting and extensive power demands from refrigeration and other electrical needs. Some of this energy usage is also related to a new emphasis on ready-to-eat foods, including a second-floor kitchen with a flash freezer.
– Progressive Grocer