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San Francisco

San Francisco Moves Toward the Goal of 100% Renewable Energy.

Installing solar – smoother than the city streets

We will navigate through innovative policies San Francisco offers to make your solar dream a reality.

  • In 2016, Mayor Lee and City officials announced the launch of CleanPowerSF, a program that allows San Francisco residents and businesses to choose 100 percent renewable energy. See the article here.  Now you can be a proud participant of the movement.

The Boys and Girls Club, San Francisco

The mission of the Boys and Girls Club is to “inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.” This organization provides several programs to ensure resources and a healthy environment for the disadvantaged youth. A commercial solar installation is a concrete example that kids can physically see proving that health is not just about the food they eat. The solar system itself is a catalyst for change to care about the environment, conservation of energy and of course, returning the resulted financial savings back to the youth programs themselves.

Boys and Girls Club non-profit solar commercial installation 2


System size = 43,615 W

kWh production = 63,563

Greenhouse gas equivalent = 44.7 Metric Tons, equivalent to:

 107,060 miles driven by an average car

103 barrels of oil consumed

 0.356 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year


  • The city and County of San Francisco, through San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), provide incentives to those who install PV systems. Different incentive levels are available for residential, commercial, low-income residential, non-profit, or multi-unit residential properties. Read more here. We can save you time and money by helping you navigate through those incentives.
  • The Department of Environment’s Energy Watch program offers energy efficiency services and financial incentives to qualifying commercial customers and multifamily building owners. Now you can move toward higher levels of energy conservation for your clients and tenants.

“Our forward-thinking policies along with new technologies and programs are helping us continue to drive down our emissions. Our challenge now is to sustain these reductions and do even more to reduce our energy use. We encourage residents and businesses to take advantage of the many incentives, rebates, and free services that the Department offers.”

-Debbie Raphael, Director of the San Francisco Department of Environment

New Construction? We have it covered.

Under Title 24, new construction in San Francisco must:

  • Meet all applicable California codes.
  • Provide and install solar electric, thermal, or green roof for all new buildings 10 floors in height or less.
  • Provide on-site facilities for recycling and composting.
  • Meet city green building requirements tied to the LEED and GreenPoint Rated green building rating systems.
  • Starting January 1, 2018, new construction will be required to have an electrical infrastructure capable of supplying electricity for electric vehicle charging at 100% of new parking spaces.

We have helped the San Francisco Area reach emission targets by installing over 38 commercial solar projects to date. We can help you navigate through the programs, permits, incentives, and more to get your solar project on track, on time and within your budget.

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Congratulations and thank you, San Francisco!

“San Francisco is leading by example towards California’s future of green jobs and a growing economy built on renewable energy and a cleaner environment.

-Mayor Gavin Newsom

San Francisco set ambitious greenhouse gas emissions targets to help stabilize the climate, according to

  • 25% reduction from 1990 by 2017
  • 40% by 2025
  • 80% reduction by 2050

According to the Mayor’s official announcement in April 2017, “San Francisco’s greenhouse gas emissions have actually decreased 28 percent since 1990, while the economy has grown 78 percent over same time. This 28 percent reduction is equivalent to taking 380,000 cars off the road, or avoiding the burning of four million barrels of oil every year.”

“As the federal government rolls back efforts curbing harmful greenhouse gas emission, this City will continue to push forward and demonstrate what is possible. San Francisco is proof that you can have a strong economy while being environmentally responsible. We have not only reduced greenhouse gases, but have spurred new technologies, created jobs, pioneered industry standards, and improved the quality of life for all of our residents.

-S.F. Mayor Edwin M. Lee

“The San Francisco SPCA strives to be socially responsible in all business practices, and we choose to install solar panels to help decrease our carbon footprint. We were impressed with the high quality of work provided by Sun Light & Power; they strived to make the project simple and successful. The money that we’ll save on our energy bill will go directly back to our mission: helping animals in need.

San Francisco SPCA


“…had never worked with a better contractor…crew was the most competent and professional.”
-J.L. – San Francsico Zen Center