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San Jose and South Bay areas

San Jose and the South Bay Make Solar a Breeze

San Jose itself is home to about 1 million people and located in Silicon Valley, the heart of thriving technology firms.  This region has extensive opportunities for startups and more seasoned thriving businesses to reduce operating expenses through commercial solar energy installations.  A solar supporter, the city of San Jose offers many programs for businesses to lower energy usage and reduce monthly electrical bills.

  • San Jose also makes the entire process easier than most, in that the city offers a streamlined solar permitting process.
  • The permit review and approval process are now via an online portal, helping expedite solar installation more efficiently.
  • Not only are they using technology to ensure solar installations are supported and streamlined, the endless sunshine in this booming area ensures solar is a sure component to business savings and a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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“Sun Light & Power did an excellent job, providing us with a full suite of design and installation services.
-Jim Gaither Jr. – Hanover Page Mill Associates – Stanford Research Park



In fact, the San José City Council recently voted unanimously to establish San José Clean Energy (SJCE), the City of San José’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) program.  With SJCE, San José is now the largest single jurisdiction in California to operate a CCE. SJCE is expected to launch in spring 2018. According to, CCEs allow governments to buy electricity for their businesses and residents. The CCE program promises to:

  • Offer a choice in energy providers, so you have a say.
  • Create local jobs.
  • Generate revenue.
  • Prioritize spending on local needs.
  • Offer more renewable energy.
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

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