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Schools & Universities

Solar Energy is Popular with Schools and Universities Across California.

Schools have high energy bills, ample roof and parking lot areas for solar electric systems and (in most cases) a solid operating budget to support the payments for these solar power systems. Investors love to fund solar for public schools because they can take advantage of the federal tax credits that the schools cannot take. And with the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39) channeling hundreds of millions of dollars to public education, energy efficiency and renewable energy studies are now being funded for schools all over the state. With a solar installation:

  • We can create certainty around your future energy costs.
  • We can help you enhance your educational mission about the environment and climate change.
  • We can help you set a good example for your students and community.
  • We can reduce your overall carbon footprint.

PPA’s are a unique financing option

Sun Light & Power teams up with innovative California-based solar energy finance firms to provide schools with unique Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) designed to reduce long-term operating expenses by providing a declining cost of energy once the solar system costs have been covered.

  • The school pays only for the electricity they use, not for the full cost of the system.
  • This PPA option allows schools to gain long-term access to clean and affordable solar power with little or no capital investment.
  • To our knowledge, there is no other PPA provider that operates in this way, and the savings that schools can achieve with this financing instrument are compelling.

We applaud Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area schools for taking an active role in teaching the next generation about the real benefits of renewable energy.

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“CUSD is committed to sustainable facility construction and operations. Part of that commitment is the environmental and fiscal savings afforded by solar electricity generation. Money not spent on utility bills can go back into the general fund to support education programs for students.

-Doug Williams, LEED AP – Construction Manager, Measure G, Campbell Union School District


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