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Section 201 Tariffs

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Many of you heard the news yesterday. As expected, Trump went ahead with the ill-advised Section 201 tariffs!

Check out the video from ABC7 news with comments from our own Jesse Quay, LEED AP Senior Design Consultant here.

Click here to watch!

Jesse speaks with ABC7 news about the Section 201 tariffs

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the 30% tariff will accomplish only the following:

1) It will not be enough to save Suniva, which will likely not exist in the USA by the end of the year.
2) It won’t be sufficient to spur any new solar manufacturing activity in the US due to the short duration and insufficient incentives provided.
3) The increased costs may well mean the end to many of the low-cost utility PV deals that might otherwise have gone through to fruition, costing jobs all over the United States.
4) It will add to the ever-present and damaging uncertainty that will tend to push large-scale investors out of solar deals at a time when solar needs to grow instead of shrink.

This is a job-killing decision indeed.

Fortunately for the industry, solar remains widely and strongly popular, and I have every confidence that within a matter of months the distributed generation PV market will be back to humming again!

And fortunately, for Sun Light & Power, we have already secured a good supply of modules for the near future so our current projects will all continue to move forward without a hitch. And based on our market niche and the dynamics of solar for multi-family affordable housing, even after the tariff is fully realized, we will still be able to demonstrate excellent PV economics for our many Affordable Housing repeat customers.

We thank you for your business, trust and your support for renewable energy! Please stay tuned for action steps.

Gary Gerber – PE
President & CEO