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Solar Hot Water News

Monday, January 26th, 2015

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The CPUC is scheduled to vote this Thursday on CALSEIA’s  petition to increase incentive levels in the CSI-Thermal program.

CALSEIA says they are most excited about improved business opportunities for solar water heating systems on multifamily housing. They proposed increasing incentives by 39 percent for these customers!’

Did you know our solar water heating systems can deliver as much as 70 to 80 percent of your annual hot water needs?

Did you know that we not only install solar hot water systems but service them as well? Read more below.

We extend a 1 year warranty on our solar water heating systems.  As with every mechanical system, regular preventative maintenance is required for your solar hot water system. Elements in systems wear over time, so annual maintenance is recommended.

Each year after installation, Sun Light & Power will return to the site to complete an assessment of the system. We will test the sensors, controls, and pumps for their functionality, test all freeze protection components, and test pressure relief valves and air vents. We will complete a general inspection of the entire system to look for any potential problems that need to be addressed.

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Other Solar Service Offerings:

Solar Electric Emergencies
It’s quite rare, but should an emergency arise with your Solar Electric System, please call us immediately at 800.233.4SUN (4786) or 510.845.2997.

Solar Electric and Roof Services
If you need a new roof, we can remove your system during the roofing work, then re-install it in the same or better condition than it was before. This removal and replacement service includes a complete system check before the work proceeds, and verified recommissioning after the job is done.

Solar Electric Monthly Inspections
Scheduled monthly system performance checks are available where Sun Light & Power will view data from DAS (if present) to verify PV array output.

Solar Electric Annual Inspections
During scheduled annual inspections, Sun Light & Power ensures that your system is performing as engineered by inspecting module plate surfaces for cracks, build-up of leaves or other debris, all components for proper fitting, wiring for mechanical damage or corrosion, electrical terminals blocks for proper torque values for landed wires and notes any movement or unusual positioning of the PV modules.