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How car dealerships can crush their utility bills with solar

Why are auto dealerships turning to solar?

Auto dealers, most of which are independently owned, have very high electricity costs. Many dealers have repair shops in addition to their showroom and office areas. Some of the equipment and systems commonly used at dealerships include paint booths, compressors, HVAC and lighting, all which require a high amount of electricity usage, often during costly peak usage hours.

According to the National Auto Dealers Association, on average auto dealerships use more energy than a typical office building per square foot. (110kBTU vs. 93kBTU). Adding a solar array or solar canopies helps cut a dealership’s energy bills significantly.

Hear from the GM of Primo Honda in San Carlos

According to David Meese, General Manager of Primo Honda, the recently installed 189.4 kW photovoltaic (PV) system not only spotlights their company’s commitment to renewable energy, but it will also help offset a significant percentage of their annual electricity costs. “We wanted to showcase our dedication to ‘green’ business management and prove that any business can continue being profitable while being better stewards of the planet,” Meese said.

Additional benefits of solar for car dealers

Auto dealerships who are NADA members have the option to participate in NADA’s Energy Stewardship Initiative. Run in partnership with Energy Star, the four-step program encourages car dealerships to reduce their energy consumption by a minimum of 10% to reduce their impact on the environment and save in energy costs. Companies who participate in the program receive recognition from both Energy Star and NADA. This may be appealing to energy-conscious consumers who are considering the purchase of a new vehicle.

How much does solar cost for car dealerships?

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