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How car dealerships can crush their utility bills with solar

According to the National Auto Dealers Association, on average auto dealerships use more energy than a typical office building per square foot. (110kBTU vs. 93kBTU). Between the showroom and parking lot lights, computer systems, HVAC equipment, and the service center, the electricity costs of your California car dealership can pose a real threat to your bottom line, particularly for independent owners.

Auto dealerships here in the San Francisco Bay Area are particularly poised to reap the benefits of solar energy, and not just for utility bill savings. When you install solar panels for your car dealership, you can reduce your environmental impact, and own your own power generating asset for business resiliency and greater isolation from unpredictable energy prices.

Combine Lower Utility Bills with Tax Savings

If you schedule your solar installation before the end of 2019, you can take 30% off all installation costs from what your auto dealership owes in federal taxes with the Federal Investment Tax Credit. This also includes accelerated federal MARCS and state depreciations; and the system installation costs are also exempt from any property tax increases. But that solar tax credit reduces down to 26% for any system installed after 2019, and will continue to drop to just 10% by the year 2022. So ACT NOW!

Reduce Auto Dealership Electricity Costs with Solar Energy:

  • Avoid future electricity rate increases, by generating your own renewable electricity
  • Take advantage of short payback periods, with great R.O.I.
  • Offset a significant part of your total utility bill for decades to come
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Show a Commitment to Solar Energy

Auto dealerships that can effectively reduce their energy consumption can qualify for NADA’s Energy Stewardship Initiative. This four-step energy efficiency program is run in partnership with ENERGY STAR, and encourages car dealerships to reduce their energy consumption by a minimum of 10% to reduce their impact on the environment and save in energy costs. Companies who participate in the program receive recognition from both ENERGY STAR and NADA. This certification may be appealing to energy-conscious consumers who are looking to support a local auto dealership that is committed to the environment.

How Much Will Solar Panels Cost for Car Dealerships?

Every dealership is different! Installing solar assets for your Northern California car dealership with Sun Light & Power begins with a solar analysis, to determine the size and associated cost of your solar PV system. Our solar analysis starts with an online evaluation of your property and your building’s utility bills so that we can provide you with an estimate of your long-term savings. If you like what you hear, we’ll come out to perform a free site inspection and follow up with a custom design proposal.

Partner with Northern California’s Leading Solar Experts

Sun Light & Power has spent the last 42 years serving the solar needs of Northern California homes and businesses. When you partner with Sun Light & Power, we will work directly with you to determine the energy goals of your dealership, and design a system based on your long term energy needs. From the initial design and installation all the way to maintaining and repairing your solar PV system, our team is with you from beginning to end. We will even help you qualify for any available incentives and rebates from federal and state programs, local municipalities and manufacturers.

Drive your own energy production! Schedule your free solar analysis today, or call us at 800.233.4786 to get started!


“We wanted to showcase our dedication to ‘green’ business management and prove that any business can continue being profitable while being better stewards of the planet.
-David Meese, General Manager of Primo Honda

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