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Commercial solar systems for your office or warehouse makes financial sense

We know it takes a lot of electricity to keep an industrial warehouse or commercial building up and running here in Northern California.  And with electricity rates in a constant state of flux, there’s no telling what kind of changes are coming to the grid in California.

As Berkeley pioneers in the solar industry, we know leadership is important not only to your customer but to your employees. Saving money on your electricity bills while supporting an environmentally friendly investment in solar energy is a sure way to establish yourself as a mission-based business with a secure financial future.  

The Federal Solar Tax Credit: Act Now!

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is currently offering a deduction equalling 30% of the total cost of your industrial solar system installation. This also includes accelerated federal MARCS and state depreciations; and the system installation costs are also exempt from any property tax increases. But, 2019 is the final year of maximum value for the solar tax credit before the deduction percentage drops. If you have been thinking about installing solar for your industrial property, this is the year to do it!

Reducing industrial electricity costs with solar energy:

  • Hedge against future electricity rate increases, by generating your own renewable energy
  • Own your own power, by purchasing an asset with a great R.O.I.
  • Offset a significant part of your total utility bill from your solar electricity production from lighting, refrigeration, heating and computer use,.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

What Does A Commitment to Solar energy Say About Your Business?

Consumers these days are doing the research, and are more likely to support businesses that share their environmentally conscious values. And spending less on your utility bills will free up the budget, so you can make additional investments in improving customer service, the product you provide, and even employee happiness! Additionally, solar energy will aid in your compliance with California’s Title 24 benchmarks, provide LEED credits, and help with your GreenPoint® rating.

How Much Do Industrial Solar Panels Cost?

Installing solar assets for your property with Sun Light & Power begins with a solar analysis, to determine the size and cost of your solar PV or solar thermal system based on your needs. Our solar analysis starts with an online evaluation of your property and your building’s utility bills so that we can provide you with an estimate of your long-term savings. If you like what you hear, we’ll come out to perform a free site inspection and follow up with a custom design proposal.

Work with Northern California’s leading solar experts

Sun Light & Power has installed and maintained some of the most efficient industrial solar PV systems in San Francisco Bay Area over our last 42 years in business. We’ve partnered with many companies reduce their operating costs and environmental impact, all according to their energy goals.

When you partner with Sun Light & Power, our highly skilled solar consultants will design aesthetically pleasing systems that maximize power generation while minimizing installation cost. We will even maintain and repair your industrial solar system, and help you qualify for any available incentives and rebates from federal and state programs, local municipalities and manufacturers. Getting started is easy, and you can trust our solar experts from start to finish!

Invest in reliable, predictable energy costs for your industrial facility! Schedule your free solar analysis today, or call us at 800.233.4786 to get started!


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