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  • Jack London Gateway affordable housing commercial solar installation Oakland California

Multifamily & Affordable Housing

Solar power systems have benefitted the multifamily industry for decades.

By choosing solar with Sun Light & Power, over 350 Multi-family Affordable Housing properties in California now save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs. You can, too!

We started in the 1970’s with solar water heating solutions and later added solar electric systems. Apartment and condominium complexes are still particularly well suited to hybrid installations that provide both solar hot water and solar electric power, and our dual expertise in both solar power systems (for retrofits and new construction alike) allows us to offer an array of custom solutions to meet the specific needs of our multifamily clients. Often the only limit to what we can install is only due to the size of your roof.

  • PV offsets up to 100% of high-cost electricity while solar water heating for domestic hot water loads eliminates the volatility and high carbon footprint of natural gas so you can be proud to save money and the environment.
  • Solar power systems also eligible for generous incentives, federal tax credits, and both federal and state accelerated depreciation schedules so you can receive aid toward the cost of your system.

Why is Sun Light & Power the choice for your solar installation?

  • We have developed particular expertise in solar power systems for the California multifamily affordable housing (MFAH) market, so your questions and concerns can be addressed and met.
  • We have specialized rebate knowledge and familiarity with TCAC (Tax Credit Allocation Committee) procedures for federal and state Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.
  • We have the experience with individual MFAH clients. In fact, we are approaching over 600 MFAH solar projects, so you know you are working with trusted experts.
  • We have expertise in solar electric systems and expertise in solar hot water systems so we can meet all your solar needs.

Generate community pride and reduce operating costs for your residents with a solar power system.  Fill out the form for a complimentary estimate!

Learn more about our solar hot waterdesign, installation and maintenance services.


“With extremely limited resources available to provide quality affordable housing, it is critical to work with companies that are committed to provide the highest quality product. Sun Light & Power has proven time and again to be such a company. Eden has contracted with SLP to provide photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for at least 14 properties in the past decade alone. On every project, SLP worked closely with our architects and general contractors to make sure the systems were designed and installed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. These systems have substantially reduced our annual gas and electrity operating costs. When it comes to solar, SLP is our first choice.

-Woody Karp, Project Developer at Eden Housing


“This is a remarkable project that will directly help people and uplift the entire community. This used to be a run-down area, but it’s now LEED-H Platinum certified affordable housing with superb community spaces. I want to thank Eden Housing, South County Housing, the City of Soledad, Monterey County, and all of those who assisted with this valuable development.

-Congressman Sam Farr (D-Calif.), regarding Camphora Apartments


“Cabrillo is proud to build new, ‘green’ dwellings for our some our valued farmworkers in Ventura County. They nourish our economy through their hard work. They deserve safe, beautiful homes so they, and their families, can prosper, thrive and succeed together.
– Nicole Norori, Project Manager, CEDC


Featured Project: The Rivermark - a Bridge housing property

The Rivermark - a Bridge housing property commercial solar installation

Sun Light & Power worked with Bridge Housing and Sunseri Associates to solarize the Rivermark, one of Bridge’s recent solar power systems located in West Sacramento across from the Sacramento Rivercats baseball stadium. Building the 64kWp solar electric (PV) and 30-collector solar thermal (ST) domestic hot water systems demanded precise coordination and structural integration as funding for the PV only became available after the roof was fully complete.

Sun Light & Power and Sunseri worked closely to forge a solution on time and on a budget, allowing for the PV to be up and running as the tenants moved into their new homes. The PV system is expected to offset nearly 100,000 kWh in the first year, saving Bridge Housing an estimated $14-16K in the first year alone. These savings delivered from the sun are now available for programs that assist those in our community.

We are your Multi-family housing experts.

  • Total PV and ST Multi-family projects: Over 350
  • PV Mw installed – $9.412
  • Total PV and ST rebate amount: $14,650,562.37


Sun Light & Power can help your project with:

  • LEED credits
  • GreenPoint rating
  • Title 24 requirements
  • Gaining entitlement
  • Satisfying the renewable energy mandates of many municipalities


Sun Light & Power will also:

  • find your generous state rebate incentives
  • find your tax credits
  • reduce your operating expenses
  • lower your electricity and gas costs
  • protect your investment

Affordable Housing Projects

Sun Light & Power has always been an avid supporter of affordable housing throughout California. We have a long history and strong relationships with numerous Affordable Housing Developers who have chosen to go solar with us repeatedly.We feel strongly that progress should always include the local community.  We believe that everyone should have equal access to housing that is safe, affordable and accessible.

To date, SLP has over 260 ongoing and completed affordable housing projects, including photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot water systems (ST). This accounts for $57.3 million in contracts in less than 10 years, and well over $7 million in incentives from various programs since 2000.

Developers who have trusted Sun Light & Power

Allied Housing/Abode Services
AMCAL Multi-Housing, Inc.
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
BRIDGE Housing Corp.
Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency
Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation
Charities Housing
Citycentric Investments
Community Housing Development Corporation of North Richmond
Creekside Housing Partners, L.P.
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
Eden Housing
First Community Housing
Housing Consortium of the East Bay
HV Partners 1, LP
Lancaster Lofts, LLC
Little Tokyo Service Center
Mercy Housing California
McCormack Baron and Salazar
Michael Simmons Property Development, Inc.
Midpen Housing Corp.
Mutual Housing California
New Hampshire Family Housing, L.P.
Oakland Housing Authority
On Lok, Inc.
Pittsburg Community Services, Inc
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